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Hey There!

Hey There! I'm Hardik Dhamija and now that you've stumbled upon my piece of the web, let's have a look around.

From business spreadsheets to brush strokes, this website is my digital portfolio that showcases my passions and my journey. So whether you're here to admire my art, learn more about what I do, or just to say hi, grab a cup of coffee, stay a while, and drop me a hi!

– looking forward to hearing from you!

My Journey So far!

Whew, where do I even begin? I've always had a love for technology and finding solutions to problems. That's why I earned my B. Tech in CSE and adding an M.Tech in Data Science to my arsenal along with an IIM certificate in Business Analytics.

But the journey didn't stop there. I'm now knee-deep in an MBA in Sales and Marketing, and my day job is as a Business Insights Manager, where I get to put my skills to the test every day. I've been fortunate enough to work on some amazing projects in different industries, making a real impact with my analytical skills.






Let's dive deep into my skills and qualifications. Look no further! Head on over to my credentials page for a comprehensive rundown of my expertise and achievements. From academic certificates to professional training, you'll get a complete picture of what I bring to the table. 

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Don't be a stranger! I'd love to hear from you. Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to say hello, feel free to drop me a line. 

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