The Sky has it's own Sky too! šŸ¤«Ā 

Limitless Sky!Ā 

The sky, they say, is where the limits lie
A boundary between us and the endless sky
But as we soar higher, new vistas arise
And the sky itself reveals new wonders to our eyes

With each passing moment, a new sky is born
A canvas of clouds and colors, forever transformed
So let us not be daunted by the height
But embrace the endless expanse, a never-ending flight

For in the sky, we find our dreams set free
A boundless realm of possibility
And though the journey may be long and far
The sky is the limit, and beyond lies a new star.

It's true that when we look up at the sky, we see it as a limit, a boundary between our world and the vast expanse of space beyond. However, if we consider that the sky is not a static object but a dynamic and ever-changing part of our environment, then it's possible to see that the sky indeed has its own "sky" - that is, new limits and possibilities to explore every time we look up.

For example, as you fly higher in an airplane, you may see new layers of the atmosphere and different cloud formations that you wouldn't see from the ground. Similarly, if you were to travel into space, you would encounter a whole new realm of phenomena, from the curvature of the Earth to the infinite depths of the universe beyond.

So while the saying "the sky is the limit" may suggest a sense of finality or limitation, it's also true that the sky is a vast and endlessly fascinating part of our world, with new horizons and possibilities to discover at every turn.